Proper care of your Verge Sport garments is vital to the longevity of our products and their continued performance. Since many of our fabrics utilize performance enhancing treatments and finishes we strongly recommend you read and become familiar with the proper care methods below.

After each use it is preferable to machine wash your clothing immediately.  Best practices include turning them inside out (seams on the outside), placing them in a washing bag, and setting the water temperature to lukewarm (40° C or 100° F) and the machine cycle to delicate.  You should refrain from using bleach and fabric softeners since they have adverse effects on our high performance fabrics.  Select a mild detergent and use the minimum amount recommended by the detergent manufacturer.  Washing garment means putting stress on both the fabrics and seams.  Therefore, we always recommend washing your Verge Sport garments separate from other clothes and accessories to prevent friction and damage.  Immediately following washing you should dry the garments by lying them flat or hanging them.

If washing immediately is not an option you should rinse the clothing thoroughly to protect the fibers from bacterial attacks which might lead to fabric deterioration and then hang in a well ventilated environment.  Avoid hanging the garments in direct sunlight to minimize their contact with harmful UV rays.

  1. Never store damp clothing in a non-ventilated environment such as sealed plastic bags.
  2. Never wash fragile garments such as shorts, speedsuits and tights together with outerwear.
  3. Never wash your Verge Sport garments with street clothes (i.e. jeans, jackets).
  4. Never launder items with Velcro® together with your Verge Sport garments. (Velcro® will seriously damage clothing in as little as one wash cycle).
  5. Do not dry clean
  6. Do not tumble dry
  7. Do not wring, to remove excess water from you garment gently squeeze out the water by hand.
  8. Never utilize commercial washing services for your Verge Sport garment. The chemicals, water temperature and wash cycle used can cause permanent damage. We know it’s tempting to have the hotel staff wash your clothing for you during a stage race but we have seen this destroy team clothing more times than we can recall.

When playing in the dirt and your garments are visibly soiled (i.e. after a cyclocross race, mountain biking, etc.) whether you can wash them immediately or not you should rinse off as much mud and grime as possible.  If they cannot be washed immediately you should keep them wet until you can machine wash them.  In order to keep them wet without the risk of bacterial attacks we recommend you place the dirty clothing in a bucket of water.  If the clothing is allowed to dry then permanent stains may set in.

When laundering garments with chamois set the water temperature at a maximum of 30°C (85°F).  If you must pre-wash the chamois do not use a detergent, use only a mild soap and ensure you rinse the chamois thoroughly to remove all soap prior to machine washing.  Never use any fabric softener or machine additives to the wash cycle because they may cause saddle soars or skin irritation.